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This is me,a wife, Mum, stylist to my star like clients and whatever else I can have a go at. Living in Nova Scotia as a British ex-pat has it challenges and rewards so this is an account of my ecclectic magpie soup.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Its New Week....

I can not believe its the end of March already.It went by so fast I can`t remember what I did, only what I did`nt do? Time to be a little more "with it" and get myself sorted.BUT beofre that I will share my latest She Art Girls. I find I am getting more comfortable with this multi media art and have experimented on a few things I amnot ready to show.I didnt realise how personal this is and it feels like I`m showing a part of myself that I`m not comfortable with? Cofidence takes time I guess?
This one is titled "I Have Spread My Dreams Under My Feet"

"She Made Today Count"

More to follow I have to pop out and do foils on a friend...:)Happy Monday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

It has been a very busy few weeks.Work was overbooked and chaotic,something I hate to work in but you get thtrough it.At the other end, you sit and wonder how you pulled it off but you do?In the middle I tried to do some more painting but then March Break hit.Why is it nothing gets done?NOTHING!I have had headache after headache and a respite when I had some reflexology done by our wonderful therapist.For 5 days I was free from my sciatic nerve.This morning "Hello,I`m baaack!" grr....
Its first day of spring, sunny but frosty.Beautiful, crisp Spring morning.The garden full of deer and snoozing kids.Perfect time for that first cuppa.I do love Sunday mornings.
So plan for today?Sorry to say no new blog till tomorrow, only housework and sorting out the winter gear to get it ready to put away for another year. Happy first day of Spring.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week one of my She Art E-course.

I have loved every minute of this course so far and week two is about to be begin. I am waiting for the time difference to catchup and I open my hotmail to find the anticipated allotment of video`s.So far I have completed 2 canvases and it has taken a week to go through the stages.So, my usual patient self is no where to be seen and resorted to drying things with my travel dryer.Which,by the way, is one of my little light bulb moments.Do not go and invest in a fancy labeled project dryer because it is the same power as a travel dryer, which most of us own and if you don`t they are usually cheaper than a brand named one.
Anyway, back to She Art. Here is my first and second canvas.I am actually nervous about showing them becauseof the obvious errors but we all have to start some where.One of the considerations of this group is to not let fear stop you."LET YOURSELF BE AWESOME"So here goes...."She Had Colorful Dreams"

A little close up..

Here are a few others of my very first one.She has legs that are crooked and I was quite frustrated because I like the rest of it.I showed my son and he said she looks like she`s blowing in the wind.I like his style. So crooked legs an`all I will show my first creation."She Was Happy To Just Be"

Close up of the corner ...

The main thing I learned is not to let crooked legs and "mistakes" stop you.I also found as this is art therapy it will trickle over to life.Not in a big "wow my life is so high right now" but in making things believable for oneself. Keep trying.Small steps.

Now I`m of to see if week two has arrived and more posts to follow.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I`ve been rejuvenated.

I have found this winter particulary hard,long cold days,very little exposure to the sun and snow,so much snow.I have tumbled into a seaonal depression like no other.I am aware of this and have search high and low on how to combat it,its a daily struggle and is by no means over but... a little ray of sunshine entered my life.Dramatic maybe.The truth definatly.
I love scrapbooking,I love art and on my bucket list earlier in January, I revealed I would like to take an art course.I had in mind my firstclass would be maybe sketching.I found SHE-ART GIRLS.If you have ever liked to decoupage,tole paint scrapbooking any multi media art, then this is the course for you.It is owned,organized and a woman of pure inspiration Christy Tomlinson.
I have entered into week one of the basic backgrounds,she Art Girls and what Christy likes to use for her art.It`s so much fun and to be honest have not felt thrilled about much lately.I have now completed my first canvas with massive imperfections but I love it for what it is. My second and third canvas are still in progress but when they are complete I will show them,debut them, here on my blog.Hopefully this weekend.The only getting in my way is the fact I have to go to work.Grr!Darned reality gets in the way somedays.This is why I havent blogged lately but just wanted to let you know what I "up to".Have a happy day.