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This is me,a wife, Mum, stylist to my star like clients and whatever else I can have a go at. Living in Nova Scotia as a British ex-pat has it challenges and rewards so this is an account of my ecclectic magpie soup.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Twinery.

As an avid crafter I`m always looking for the next fun thing and I have to say my favourite 2 right now are Bakers Twine and Washi tape but for now I will just tell you about Bakers Twine.
I love this product just because of it`s versitility. I love doing multi crafts and this can belong in any category,cards,scrapbooking,altered art or even gift wrapping. What is so nice is it comes in so many yummy colours. I found a great site for Baker`s Twine and it`s called The Twinery.Plain and simple. www.thetwinery.blogspot.com Visit the blog and find out just how much fun this product is.Follow by clicking on the Twinery button.
Just an idea
or two...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Handmade Pledge.

I have spent the evening reading my favourite blogs finding inspiration for future projects and becoming familiar with the world of blogging in general.Then I noticed that quite a few of them had the "handmade Pledge" button on their blog.It is basically to pledge to make or buy handmade gifts to family members and friends.
So, here is my pledge to all who are in my world.I pledge,where ever possible to give you a handmade gift. Either made by me or by another crafter,artist etc..It may will be made with love and given with love.(Sorry I can`t make iPads!)but I might be able to make an iPad cover.
This is an exciting prospect to see if in return others with read this and continue the chain.I hope to receive handmade gifts because it means it has been given some thought as to what to give.
If this interests you follow the link and sign up.

What to do?

I suppose there is no use getting upset over a little snow? Wrong. After the third Nor`eater to move into the Maritimes and I am stuck at home(yet again) What to do...? Scrapbook of course.It cures all kinds of winter blues.I look on the sketch mania page and thought I will do a few pages.This one is of Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire,England.A few summers ago,I took my oldest son Liam home with me to visit and this particular day Dad drove us and my Mum to Little Moreton Hall. A hidden treasure. Being built in the 1500 it stood like the little Crooked House of the nusery rhyme but was beautiful and enchanting.Full of crooked staircases and tiny doors which Liam had to bend a little to get though.I am sure he thought it was as special as I did.We were not allowed to take photographs inside because of the age of the murals and how camera flash will evntually destroy the paintwork.Inside smelt of aged wood and if you listened closely you could almost hear the ghosts of servants going about their business. I adore these old buildings the history of England is truly a gift to us today.
Happy day.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sketch mania..

I have had a sick boy home today and although he cheered up a little in the afternoon we decided to "play" in my scrap room.I did a page for the UmWowStudio sketch mania(http://umwowstudio.blogspot.com/)and he played around making a tag. A quiet afternoon well spent.Its not often that you get to chat with your kids about nothing at all.He lost interest after one tag which is ok because his energy level was sluggish.So we sat and talked had lunch.

another shot
The photo was taken in the garden of the local pub at the end of a family reunion, everything just fell into "going down to the pub" It was rainy but didnt seem to dampen the spirits of most of us there, it was a decent day altogether. This next shot is Gavin`s tag he made he wanted to be "published " on my blog.Bless him.
...and a shot of my card from earlier and his tag. Not too shabby.

Picture Perfect card

Monday`s challenge is to make a card using 3 patterned papers.So I dug out all my scraps hoping I can use some up.I have enough scraps I think to make a 100 cards but for today I met the challenge and pleased with this result

I think I will take it another step and challenge myself to a 12x12 layout using patterned paper and see where this takes me. I think jumping out of your comfort zone is necessary in this craft so you feel fresh and don`t get stuck in a rut. I`ll post the layout later.:)

Friday, January 14, 2011

The ATC.

A good friend of mine has introduced me to the ATC.Which to be honest I had know idea what she was talking about and felt to lame to ask but eventually did and found it meant Artist Trading cards.I know I am by no means an artist I was intrigued at this art form. It is steeped in it own history and has been around for quite some time and is basically your art/craft on a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 size card or card stock and is traded but is not done for monetary gain.
It was quite difficult actually trying to express yourself on such a tiny space and was a challenge in itself. My friend told me about this site she was following http://challengesfromtheattic.blogspot.com.Here was the challenge.To produce 3 cards that expressed "All About Me" This is what I did, my first ATC`s..

Last but not least...

I`m quite happy with the results and now I think I`ll play around with this medium a little more maybe one day grow up to be an artist....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

....and found it Tuesday.

Yesterday it was a no go for my scrapbooking so I thought I would paint. I wanted to try a different layout for the same phot and do something different. I had art supplies at the ready for this first one and used Plaid Antique finish decoupage.It gives it a slightly weathered,aged look without going to brown.and mixed it in with MM Paint,Marine.The ribbon I have had for years and always loved it,I just didnt have the project to use it.

Then I thought I would try a layout with no colour. This is difficult for me to do because I love colour, ribbon, pattern papers and lots of embellishments.I wanted a layout with just black and white and the emphasis on the subject(who,by the way,is my niece Morgan)I needed it not to be boring so I used texture instead of "fluff". I am very happy with the result of this page. I love the layout,I love the photograph and I love the subject.

here are a few close ups of the details

and a few more...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost my Mojo Monday .....

My goal was to do this awesome layout of my niece,Morgan. I have a stunning photo in Black and White and had this good idea I wanted to try out.Then I hit the brick wall.. I couldnt get my photo printer to work so although I found a good replacement layout to do I struggled with the "putting it together" mode.I still love these pictures of my sister and her little guy Francis,who by the way is soon to be two.(I know the ever suffering scrapbook procrastinator)I assembled what colours I wanted to use and I went for lunch..!
I used mostly Crate Paper embellishments and paper from the Cottage collection and knew I wanted a 3 photo layout.Simple right?It took me an hour to pull it together and 3 probably to make a decision. So why the brain stall? No idea? It happens to the best no doubt but on my day off I want to get so much done.To be honest I think its the weather we have had almost 4 days or white snowy skies and I crave blue.I`m getting off track here. My finished result is good and I like the simplicity of it and NO RIBBON!! I usually can`t do anything with out ribbon

Sunday, January 9, 2011

HIdden Treasures

Just when you think there no more suprises in the world they come across a hidden treasure,several treasures in fact.A parisian apartment under lock and key for over 70 years.

I read about this articles quite a while ago but for whatever reason keep going back to it. It is so fascinating to me I feel like I need to go see for myself? Although it has been raided like the tombs of an ancient Egyptian.It will be cleaned and no trace of this lady`s life and probably on the market never to be the same again.
The painting of a lady in a pink muslin dress is so beautiful it is truly breathtaking to imagine finding such a gem. I imagine the person who had to go through this Aladdin`s cave was so excited it would keep him awake for weeeks.He linked it to Boldini through a "visiting card " with a love note on the back.This is all the makings of a movie doesnt it?Never mind the millions of Euro`s it made in auction, why was it never displayed? Why did Boldini`s widow keep this one painting to herself? Love it.
Isn`t she beautiful?The story behind the painting will be as interesting as the find itself.The pictures are an inspiration.I am loving the design and colours of the Parisian Apartment and need to explore it some more.I am in love with Boldini.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bucket List.- Thursday`s Thought..

Over the New Year my mind ,as always, thinks over resolutions and how I want to change things in my life work,finaces even diet even though I am not a big fan of the whole diet scene.Then I saw the trailer for an older moive "The Bucket List". What would be on my bucket list? all kinds of pie-in-the-sky ideas and dreams,luxury cars and expensive holidays. Is this really a bucket list of daydreaming with no real intentions of ever seeing it happen? So I thought and read up a few articles and came up with this.
Instead of unrealistic collection of material things why not make a list that will be accomplished and managed by putting meaning into what I do and in extension what my family will do. Here is a qoute I read in an article,"The most satisfying things to go into the bucket for most of us are those that are part of a larger context. For example, visiting the Great Wall as part of supporting a family member or friend competing in this upcoming summer Olympics in Beijing would likely be a more meaningful experience than buying a package Great Wall tour from a travel agent. Developing that larger context or framework is something that can and should take careful and thoughtful consideration. It often takes hard thought and hard work to develop."
Sounds good so far right?So how exactly to achieve this?Here are a few of my suggestions and as I learn I will post more.
1.Don`t rush into big ideas first take time to sit and think them over, why you want this or what is it that I want to accomplish?
2.Plan it out and if it a bigger project take it in baby steps. how to get to your destination can be as fun as getting there.
3. Try not to get so engrossed in teh process that you hang on to your listfor dear life. Be open minded and flexible.
4.Make each experience more meaningful.If you want to hike in the Himalaya`s hike for a purpose as well. Make it with a loved one or as a fundraiser.
5 Be true to you. This is so important and is I think why we want the bucket list. Not for a $10,000 dollar couch but to be content and find happiness.
Here a few things I want to acheive and as I work and organize things I will journal my progress. Lets see how far I can go on this. It`s really a self motivating experiment.

Top 5
1. Learn how to draw and paint.Eventually have a piece of my artwork sold to a stranger and not a well meaning family member.
2.I have always wanted to work on a period costume drama movie as a hairstlyist. I`ve thought of this for years and still think about it.
3.Learn how to cook authentic Indian cuisine.( also originally added to learn in India)
4. Do have a photo shoot of my hair designs and have it published in some way.
5.To have a successful blog and see how far I can go with it. How to develop it into a thriving recognized blog.
6. To be more self sufficient in home ,work and other aspects of life.
Intersting selection as I look at it and a little scattered but I think it is revealing a lot of myself.I think most of us really are varied and have many things we would like to try or accomplish. So now to take my own advice and sit and mull things over.I will keep Thursday for thoughts and if anyone has a suggestion?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another quillow photo of the flip side. I must admit although it isnt 100% perfect it did turn out nice and maybe it will get to him in time for his 1st birthday.Look in the mail Rachael.:D

Quillow Experience.Part 2

2 yards top
2 yards bottom
18" square for 1 side of pillow
18" square for 2nd side.
Crib size batting.
I did have to make it a little smaller because the crib batting I bought was smaller than the fabric I had bought so I just cut it to size and was left with a few nice fabric scraps.
Place top and bottom right sides together. Put batting on top. Sew along all four edges, leaving a 6-8" opening. Turn. Sew opening closed. Pinbaste. Topstitch along edges (a walking foot really helps for this). Quilt or tie as desired.
The pillow-pocket Place squares right sides together. Put batting on top. Sew on all edges, leaving a 6" opening. Turn. Sew opening closed. Pinbaste. Topstitch along edges. Quilt or tie.
The next part is to find the centre of the quilt with the pillow flap. I measured it in 1/3rds.
Sew the pocket to the quilt.Remember if you are using a patterned fabric to show as the pillow face,pin this right side down.
Now this is a tricky part, when you have finished fold into a pillow,it takes a little work at first but after time will get easier. Fold 1/3 and 3/3 into centre, then fold bottom edge up to pillow case and tuck.

Quillow Experience.

So for one of my first sewing tasks since many years ago I decided to tackle a Quillow(Quilt/pillow combo) I found a free instruction sheet from the web and went in search of the perfect fabric. But backing up a step or two I should say this was an intended Christmas present for my young nephew Jacob, who by what his mum says likes to fall asleep with fabric on his face. I thought it would be nice to make his "blankie" and looked for the most simple one out there?

I travelled to our local quilt shop and found a very wide range of fabric but nothing bright enough for me and I spent close to hour and half loooking through every rack.Then my eye was caught by this gorgeous orange colour.Score one to me. Now to match it up.Which took about another hour.I left feeling happy after almost 2 hours of touching new fabrics and eyeing up what I want next.Off I went home and began the quillow. I will post the photos and instructions as I work on this blog.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

totally random but...

I found a photo while surfing and found this beautiful jacket,I just had to post it.I would love to be able to sew like this.Wistful sigh.

Today was a day of thinking about friends I havent seen in a while so I made this card. I used Unity stamps from the stamp kit of the month from December and also papers they sent as a freebie.(love freebies)The other embellishments are misc. things I have on hand. I love browns and green but I also wanted to do a vintage style to the teacup stamp.
If you like the stamp check out www.unitystampsco.com nice place to find a variety of things.The card size I used was 41/4 by 5 1/2.Short and sweet.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

To squeeze in my first post before January 1st is over

My first blog with the aid of a very good friend who has never minded helping out her computer illiterate friend.Thanks Jasmine http://wildflowerford.blogspot.com/  I wanted to write about how wonderful my first day of 2011 was and now I don`t know where to begin? Except to say I want to use this blog as a tool to organize my style. With ideas and inspiration from all around.Whether it is about hair, scrapbooking multi media art or just trying to make a home for me and my family.I don`t profess to be a writer just a Mum and hairstylist with a passion for crafting.My goal is to post things that interest me and hopefully others find it so.
 I took the day to send off my youngest to the hill for some skiing and help his Dad at work,tried to begin the task of putting away Christmas(always makes me sad) and did wedding hair for another friend and was very pleased with the results then back home to continue with clean up (still not done)So hang on because I reckon it will be an interesting ride.HAPPY NEW YEAR.