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Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost my Mojo Monday .....

My goal was to do this awesome layout of my niece,Morgan. I have a stunning photo in Black and White and had this good idea I wanted to try out.Then I hit the brick wall.. I couldnt get my photo printer to work so although I found a good replacement layout to do I struggled with the "putting it together" mode.I still love these pictures of my sister and her little guy Francis,who by the way is soon to be two.(I know the ever suffering scrapbook procrastinator)I assembled what colours I wanted to use and I went for lunch..!
I used mostly Crate Paper embellishments and paper from the Cottage collection and knew I wanted a 3 photo layout.Simple right?It took me an hour to pull it together and 3 probably to make a decision. So why the brain stall? No idea? It happens to the best no doubt but on my day off I want to get so much done.To be honest I think its the weather we have had almost 4 days or white snowy skies and I crave blue.I`m getting off track here. My finished result is good and I like the simplicity of it and NO RIBBON!! I usually can`t do anything with out ribbon

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