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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What to do?

I suppose there is no use getting upset over a little snow? Wrong. After the third Nor`eater to move into the Maritimes and I am stuck at home(yet again) What to do...? Scrapbook of course.It cures all kinds of winter blues.I look on the sketch mania page and thought I will do a few pages.This one is of Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire,England.A few summers ago,I took my oldest son Liam home with me to visit and this particular day Dad drove us and my Mum to Little Moreton Hall. A hidden treasure. Being built in the 1500 it stood like the little Crooked House of the nusery rhyme but was beautiful and enchanting.Full of crooked staircases and tiny doors which Liam had to bend a little to get though.I am sure he thought it was as special as I did.We were not allowed to take photographs inside because of the age of the murals and how camera flash will evntually destroy the paintwork.Inside smelt of aged wood and if you listened closely you could almost hear the ghosts of servants going about their business. I adore these old buildings the history of England is truly a gift to us today.
Happy day.


  1. Isn`t it beautiful and little known,that`s why its such a gem. It`s like walking back in time and so peaceful.The wooden floors were worn from past traffic and the stairs were teeny.My son who`s 6` tall had a hard time with the ceilings. All teh "water closets" opened into the moat which also housed their dresses and such like. Can`t imagine hanging clothes over a porta potty?I just wish we were allowed to take photos inside. A beautiful memory though.