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Sunday, January 9, 2011

HIdden Treasures

Just when you think there no more suprises in the world they come across a hidden treasure,several treasures in fact.A parisian apartment under lock and key for over 70 years.

I read about this articles quite a while ago but for whatever reason keep going back to it. It is so fascinating to me I feel like I need to go see for myself? Although it has been raided like the tombs of an ancient Egyptian.It will be cleaned and no trace of this lady`s life and probably on the market never to be the same again.
The painting of a lady in a pink muslin dress is so beautiful it is truly breathtaking to imagine finding such a gem. I imagine the person who had to go through this Aladdin`s cave was so excited it would keep him awake for weeeks.He linked it to Boldini through a "visiting card " with a love note on the back.This is all the makings of a movie doesnt it?Never mind the millions of Euro`s it made in auction, why was it never displayed? Why did Boldini`s widow keep this one painting to herself? Love it.
Isn`t she beautiful?The story behind the painting will be as interesting as the find itself.The pictures are an inspiration.I am loving the design and colours of the Parisian Apartment and need to explore it some more.I am in love with Boldini.

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