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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Twinery.

As an avid crafter I`m always looking for the next fun thing and I have to say my favourite 2 right now are Bakers Twine and Washi tape but for now I will just tell you about Bakers Twine.
I love this product just because of it`s versitility. I love doing multi crafts and this can belong in any category,cards,scrapbooking,altered art or even gift wrapping. What is so nice is it comes in so many yummy colours. I found a great site for Baker`s Twine and it`s called The Twinery.Plain and simple. www.thetwinery.blogspot.com Visit the blog and find out just how much fun this product is.Follow by clicking on the Twinery button.
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  1. Love, Love, Love The Twinery! Did you see that they have 3 new colors out now too! Honeydew, Blossom and Charcoal...all must haves for me!