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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bucket List.- Thursday`s Thought..

Over the New Year my mind ,as always, thinks over resolutions and how I want to change things in my life work,finaces even diet even though I am not a big fan of the whole diet scene.Then I saw the trailer for an older moive "The Bucket List". What would be on my bucket list? all kinds of pie-in-the-sky ideas and dreams,luxury cars and expensive holidays. Is this really a bucket list of daydreaming with no real intentions of ever seeing it happen? So I thought and read up a few articles and came up with this.
Instead of unrealistic collection of material things why not make a list that will be accomplished and managed by putting meaning into what I do and in extension what my family will do. Here is a qoute I read in an article,"The most satisfying things to go into the bucket for most of us are those that are part of a larger context. For example, visiting the Great Wall as part of supporting a family member or friend competing in this upcoming summer Olympics in Beijing would likely be a more meaningful experience than buying a package Great Wall tour from a travel agent. Developing that larger context or framework is something that can and should take careful and thoughtful consideration. It often takes hard thought and hard work to develop."
Sounds good so far right?So how exactly to achieve this?Here are a few of my suggestions and as I learn I will post more.
1.Don`t rush into big ideas first take time to sit and think them over, why you want this or what is it that I want to accomplish?
2.Plan it out and if it a bigger project take it in baby steps. how to get to your destination can be as fun as getting there.
3. Try not to get so engrossed in teh process that you hang on to your listfor dear life. Be open minded and flexible.
4.Make each experience more meaningful.If you want to hike in the Himalaya`s hike for a purpose as well. Make it with a loved one or as a fundraiser.
5 Be true to you. This is so important and is I think why we want the bucket list. Not for a $10,000 dollar couch but to be content and find happiness.
Here a few things I want to acheive and as I work and organize things I will journal my progress. Lets see how far I can go on this. It`s really a self motivating experiment.

Top 5
1. Learn how to draw and paint.Eventually have a piece of my artwork sold to a stranger and not a well meaning family member.
2.I have always wanted to work on a period costume drama movie as a hairstlyist. I`ve thought of this for years and still think about it.
3.Learn how to cook authentic Indian cuisine.( also originally added to learn in India)
4. Do have a photo shoot of my hair designs and have it published in some way.
5.To have a successful blog and see how far I can go with it. How to develop it into a thriving recognized blog.
6. To be more self sufficient in home ,work and other aspects of life.
Intersting selection as I look at it and a little scattered but I think it is revealing a lot of myself.I think most of us really are varied and have many things we would like to try or accomplish. So now to take my own advice and sit and mull things over.I will keep Thursday for thoughts and if anyone has a suggestion?

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  1. Not scattered at all.. there is a certain thread that runs through your likes that i can see, from your hair designs, your decor and many other areas you enjoy your a romantic at heart and certain period in time touches for it's romance. Even the countries you would like to visit have that mystic and air of romance. Small steps lead to giant strides.....