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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quillow Experience.

So for one of my first sewing tasks since many years ago I decided to tackle a Quillow(Quilt/pillow combo) I found a free instruction sheet from the web and went in search of the perfect fabric. But backing up a step or two I should say this was an intended Christmas present for my young nephew Jacob, who by what his mum says likes to fall asleep with fabric on his face. I thought it would be nice to make his "blankie" and looked for the most simple one out there?

I travelled to our local quilt shop and found a very wide range of fabric but nothing bright enough for me and I spent close to hour and half loooking through every rack.Then my eye was caught by this gorgeous orange colour.Score one to me. Now to match it up.Which took about another hour.I left feeling happy after almost 2 hours of touching new fabrics and eyeing up what I want next.Off I went home and began the quillow. I will post the photos and instructions as I work on this blog.

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