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This is me,a wife, Mum, stylist to my star like clients and whatever else I can have a go at. Living in Nova Scotia as a British ex-pat has it challenges and rewards so this is an account of my ecclectic magpie soup.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Just For the Record"

Another challenge,another blog.I was going to spend my day organizing some things for our upcoming move but felt drawn to my sanctuary(craft room).I decided to try another challenge this one being from Echo Park papers.I can do a layout or perhaps a card?Nope, I decided to do a canvas.I bought a 6x6 pad of papers called "Just for the Record" and it is packed with gorgeous vintage style prints but I found the colour scheme more bold than the usual faded vintage.This reminded me of old English apron fabric and embroided hankies. I prepared my canvas with 2 prints one was a old newspaper print the other was like an old fashioned catalogue page.Lots of Mod Podge later and top coated I decided on a bird house with banners looking like an old laundry line.
I even used some patterned papers to make do for flowers along the bottom edge of the picture.Her is a closer look
When all is said and done I enjoy any of the crafts I do and try to find the right project for the right paper.This pad of 24 6x6 papers from Echo Park was screaming birdhouse treatment.(smile) I will however be doing another one but use if for a "she-art" canvas to come in the near future.I wait for inspiration.Happy scrappingerm I mean paper crafting peeps.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Unity May Challenge

It is that time again and another Unity challenge. This month is "Tooty Fruity" and although I only have 2,count them 2.A pear and a cherry fruit related stamps.This was the first challenge.The second challenge,I have never done anything with fruit before? The only thing I could decide on was the colour scheme,I did`nt even have a photograph. I searched through my files and came across this photo of my son,Liam and his girlfriend,Alyssa. The day was beautiful and so were they.
I think it turned out nicely,they were my favourite summer photo`s last year.

My first love is scrap-booking,which began in the year 2000.I have always gone back to it and find a lot of my personal "sanctuary" when I am scrapping.Unable to sleep last night (did`nt go to bed till 3 a.m. I decided to make a card from the same stamp.( I do love Unity stamps for there clarity)
One of my favourite colours is orange.All stamps are Unity.Paper is Basic Grey and Bazzill(scraps)
Here are a few more layouts I have completed over the past week. The story behind these ones is I found 2 shoe boxes full of old photos of the boys. I was so excited to find them and forgotten some of the moments I had captured. My task this month and probably the summer is to get the all scrapped. It was so much fun finding them though.
I love this layout for another"friendly"challenge.
It may of taken a few extra hours to do the flowers( I did 3) but it was worth it.Gavin was about 6 and in gymnastics and always hammed it up for a camera.
I could`nt think of a title for this collection of photo`s, so I used the border of stamps as the title.
one more layout
finally, a Christmas layout from many moons ago,probably close to 10 years.I look back at their silly faces and remember how much fun they were.Good times.
It is wonderful finding long lost photo`s but difficult to scrapbook,specifics are gone.I am going to see what I can find out there in "google-land" to help with some but I think mainly rely on other`s memories because it is far better than mine. At the end of it all though I remember the love.Happy scrapping.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother`s Day.

Mother`s Day is meant to be a celebration of Motherhood.Women who have had a role towards another in a nurturing loving way.What is it to be a mother?To be honest I`m not sure.It changes over time as my children grow.It is all the usual "it" words.Teacher,nurse,provider,chief cook and bottle washer.All of it.It means to raise your children to be good and honest with others but more importantly to themselves.I love being a Mum.All the pain and joy, the double edged sword, you can`t have one without the other.It means a journey of self discovery because as my boys grow and change so do I.Its inevitable.It`s the change I struggle with but love at the same time.Again the pain and the joy. I have watched a TED talk by Brene Brown today about Vulnerability which helped me get through my day today. We have to love whole heartedly. Embrace it all in its beautiful imperfection.This I think is what it means to be a Mum.
To my own beautiful mother,I love you and to me as a mother .Yes.I am enough.
Happy Mothers Day. Be kind to each other.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hair,education and me.

As a stylist and past educator I feel it is so important,if not the most important thing for a stylist to do is to keep attending shows and education seminars.If I ever hear a stylist who says they have "seen it all" or "done it all" I would say then you should quit because you are doing yourself or your clients a disservice. I cannot in a hundred years get enough of hair shows,competitions or seminars. Even if I come away with one thing useful to my craft then I have spent my money wisely.Let`s face it our education isn't cheap,it can run into hundreds of dollars but it is so important to see the trends,new techniques or even just pure enjoyment of this fantastic industry.
Pure enjoyment would be the way I would describe Tony Ricci of Edmonton,yes our very own Canadian stylist. Who has won so many awards I can`t list them all. What I was more intrigued with was the fact he started his working life as a welder. Thanks to his two hairdressing sisters he turned his skills to a much more inspiring use.
It is difficult if you are not in the industry to see the inspiration or sheer pleasure of viewing something that is so "out there" but as I see it it is an extension of another form of art and sometimes should be just viewed as such.It might in a watered down form end on a the head of a bride?
For the most part though I go to seminars to learn and to bring new ideas to my chair on the next business day.Here are some examples of this past weekends class with RUSK,whom in my opinion are leaders in the art of cutting and texture.I am never disappointed.

Inspiration for this collection came from major cities around the globe.I hope I spell this correctly from the Tribeca area of New York, apparently infused with vintage stores and artists this would fit right in with creative minds.
colour goes hand in hand with any cut as this shows. I am loving the steel, icy greys that are coming through as a trend and against lavenders and violets it looks awesome.
This next was Anime inspired and is an absolute gem.I am only sorry this iPhone shot does not do it justice.
Final photo for today is a long hair model with a twist. One of my favourite client lines is "I want something new but don`t take much off the length" This girl here was no exception.So with a few interior layers and some very clever texturizing she kept her length and still made it feel fresh.
For those who aren`t stylists,talk to your hairdresser,ask what is new,ask about products,colour,anything.Treat your stylist as the professional he/she is.We want to try new things.I`m not saying have a silver , asymmetrical cut but step outside of your comfort zone and try new methods of texture,styling or a few foils of a new colour.Why?because you are worth it.
For those of us who work in this industry go to classes,try something new,refresh your passion for why you got into this job in the first place.We have one of THE best industries in the entire world.We get to do what we love and be part of our clients lives.You are doing an important job.You are worth it.

The Birdhouse

I have finally finished this canvas and it will be the first I will hang up in my house. I`ve decided to make art and hang it rather than oooh-ing and ahh-ing over the internet at ones I cant afford.The Birdhouse is yet again a trial run for me and I love the colours on this one.I also used Unity Stamps in amongst the other rub ons etc.. I think I might put another birdie in the picture but not sure.For now how ever its on my wall.
This will be posted on the Unity challenge page for this months challenge.
I used butterflies, and border stamps and the phrase "Rise Above It All" seemed apt for the little,wee birdie trying to reach a perch. Happy Monday peeps.

Two Birthdays, a Wedding and a bit of a nerd..

It`s been almost a week since my last blog and so much has happened.Firstly, my youngest and oldest boys had birthdays.My youngest officially a teen and my oldest officially drinking age? Oh My!

I had moments of thinking about them as young children and felt very sad for a fleeting moment. Very sad.Sounds nuts I know but I don`t feel like I should have a 19 year? I have awesome kids,they make me proud.My oldest,Liam,is flying off today to a sunny vacation with his girlfriend and this to is a first.Firsts with children don't always have to be their first step or first haircut but a steady string of events that move away from the parent to becoming independent.Their role changes and so does mine.One I am still figuring out but quite pleased with the job I have done so far.
The event of a century,not my kids birthday but the event... The Royal Wedding.

Yes,I was one of those who woke up early, 5a.m. to watch.Why would`nt I? It is an event of grandeur, tradition and national pride. I am English and a Royalist and darn proud of it. I love the Queen,I love the tradition, I love my country,I also love a good wedding.(My invite must of got lost in the mail!)
I got a sense of motherly pride when I saw Will and Harry leaving for the Abbey(and how stunning is the Westminster Abbey.)I was choked up by the crowds who probably spent all night waiting for a glimpse.Just a glimpse of our Royal family.
Then came Kate.Looking stunning.My first thought was how much she looked very "Grace Kelly" and that beautiful tiara.Which was given to the Queen on her 18th birthday by her mother.I thought it was all very tastefully done. Appropriate for the event and so very sweet.
My favourite bit(there are a few)was when Prince Harry looked for Kate and then leaned in to say something to his brother.Priceless.
So, they are wed....
...and at this point I had to go to work. The rest of my wedding viewing was late at night and surfing the web for every scrap of the day I could find.The world watched and the media coverage was intense but just to have one day where somewhere in the world something happy and worth celebrating was unfolding was a huge morale boost for the country and made my day a good one. At work I even decorated and it made for a talking point for everyone that came in.Quite a good day actually.
What can I say,I`m a bit of a nerd....
Got another post soon this time,my take on hair shows.