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This is me,a wife, Mum, stylist to my star like clients and whatever else I can have a go at. Living in Nova Scotia as a British ex-pat has it challenges and rewards so this is an account of my ecclectic magpie soup.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Not a fancy Blog.

Not fancy but still a challenge. Ater moving into our wee home I find I am overwhelmed with what to do with the place. I have so many projects to start or finish , along with the task of settling in. It`s been a month and still I am looking at an empty living room. I had planned on painting it and reupholstering furniture I have picked up along the way. Its ground to a humongous halt and is like having a white elephant in your house. So, task of the day is to organize. List making and maybe a few photo`s to use on the blog at a later date. Even list making is a chore today but if I get it done it might make it a little easier to choose what is priority and what is not. I also have discovered an Aladin`s cave of a shop and it is just within walking distance.Something I will not go into until I have at least 3 projects done...says I? (quiet chuckle to oneself)Aparently, according to my Hubby that knows me so well, it is filled with goodies. Such temptation! Back on track.. list making. Well maybe after my massage.

Monday, September 12, 2011


As you all can see I took the summer off. Winter was extremely difficult for me last year so I wanted time to "sort my head out". Have I achieved that? Probably not because life has a habit of changing the game once you think you have figured it out. My life evolves, an ever changing view and beliefs. So much has happened this summer and I will be blogging about it over the upcoming weeks. So far we have moved,my oldest son moved out, I`ve applied for a huge new job, our beloved family dog passed away after 18 years of devotion, work comings and goings and so much more crafty and painting stuff to show and tell. I have decided to stick with blogging for now as means to express myself and not to get "caught up" in the world out there as much.Inspiration is a good thing but competition breeds disatisfaction in my own life and work and I don`t need it.Plain and simple. I will write as if to entertain myself and my beautiful followers ,if I gain m ore "friends" great.If not ...its all good. In the wise words of another blogger I will "let myself be Awesome" hahaha.