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This is me,a wife, Mum, stylist to my star like clients and whatever else I can have a go at. Living in Nova Scotia as a British ex-pat has it challenges and rewards so this is an account of my ecclectic magpie soup.

Monday, September 12, 2011


As you all can see I took the summer off. Winter was extremely difficult for me last year so I wanted time to "sort my head out". Have I achieved that? Probably not because life has a habit of changing the game once you think you have figured it out. My life evolves, an ever changing view and beliefs. So much has happened this summer and I will be blogging about it over the upcoming weeks. So far we have moved,my oldest son moved out, I`ve applied for a huge new job, our beloved family dog passed away after 18 years of devotion, work comings and goings and so much more crafty and painting stuff to show and tell. I have decided to stick with blogging for now as means to express myself and not to get "caught up" in the world out there as much.Inspiration is a good thing but competition breeds disatisfaction in my own life and work and I don`t need it.Plain and simple. I will write as if to entertain myself and my beautiful followers ,if I gain m ore "friends" great.If not ...its all good. In the wise words of another blogger I will "let myself be Awesome" hahaha.

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