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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Something odd happened this morning.

It`s Sunday morning and I had a very lazy start and woke at around 9 am something that rarely happens.Hubby and middle boy awake but quietly going about their lazy morning.(Actually Hubby was just getting in from working 4am till 7am)Anyway, this is not the odd thing that happened.I have been thinking a lot about my blogging or not blogging depending on how busy I have been.In fact thinking about many things in my life and the turmoil it is becoming and my anxiety about the speed and lack of control.Getting back to blogging I wanted to think and reorganize how I do things so it is more regular and getting back to what it started out to be about....me!I also questioned whether to continue or not.Yes ,,the thought to stop before I get halfway through the year.I signed in to Blogger this morning and the very first blog I went to update is "frugal Decor Mom" Low and behold her blog was a goodbye blogg titled "I have come to a conclusion"Letting her followers know why she is ending her blog ,how it is taking her time away from her children and husband and how she wants to get back to what means the most to her. Isn`t it strange when you are searching for answers something always "pops up"?I have always believed in things will open to you at the moment it is ready to be accepted in to my life.I just have to listen. So the question still remains.Do I stop blogging or do I just reorganize?.........I really do not know.So my favourite mantra right now is "Keep Calm and make a cup of tea" So I will do this and then come back later or tomorrow morning with the result. Happy Sunday peeps.

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  1. Hi Tracy! Just found your blog - went on fb to see how you were doing; haven't talked to you in ages!
    Hope you're well! Don't stop blogging - I just found yours!