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This is me,a wife, Mum, stylist to my star like clients and whatever else I can have a go at. Living in Nova Scotia as a British ex-pat has it challenges and rewards so this is an account of my ecclectic magpie soup.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

A lovely thing happened today,I got a nice suprise email from a fellow blogger Katie "The Scrapbox" that I had inspired her and also sent me a blogger award.The reason it made me smile is I have inspired someone and the other that this award is a pay it forward idea.Something I like to live by,a good thing passed on.I started my blog more as therapy really but have become aware of such a great community of like minded bloggers.So now to business.8 things about me that maybe is not new to some but I will try to think of orginal things?
1.I would walk to the end of the earth for my children,3 wonderful boys all individual and interesting people.
2.I sometimes wish I could win the lottery so I can help my family and friends and host one huge party and decorate it like an old fashioned street party like in the old days of England.
3.If I believed in reincarnation I would want to come back in the next life taller..Haha!
4.I adore Jane Austen and Bronte novels especially Jane Eyre and Persuasion
5.I love tomatoes.haha.My favourite sandwich is just tomato with a little salt.ER I know but hey we all have our failings.:)
6.I hate winter.Yes, hate is a strong word but I really could`nt find a stronger one.
7.I love my sisters heart and soul and wish I could get us altogether and enjoy a curry and a massive gigglefest.
8.My favourite downtime activity is a long soak in a bubble bath (preferably with Lush products),a scrapbook magazine and a cup of tea.
I could probably come up with 8 more but I`ll leave that to another post.
Now for 8 bloggers that I love to follow (Stalking at its best :) )
These are 8 I follow,my top 8 but I have other favourites in my blog list.Some of these are new bloggers ,like myself,and some are established.Either one for me are entertaining and inspiring.There are so many women out there and I admire them all. I will post the Award button aas soon as I figure it all out hahaha.Maybe nuber 8 is,I am so slow with computers.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My world(scratch that),My Bathroom Just Got a Little Prettier!

Yes my bathroom just got a little prettier.Do you ever walk around a shop and see something you like but the price tag is a lot more than you want to fork out?I saw some pharmacy jars online for $45 and said to myself, "self you have plain glass jars at home like these ?Do something?"Enter plain glass jars....
The larger of the group found in a box and the others $1 dollar each at the local Dollarama.( I love that place for glass vases and such)

Then I thought and thought about the images I would like.The two larger ones were old fashioned and were screaming french vintage.The smaller of the two? I was`nt sure at all? So, I went on my favourite clip art site,"The Graphics Fairy" and search for ages for some images I like and the rest was a matter of using Mod Podge,ribbon and sentiments.Once the lager jars were done I lightly spray it with walnut ink to age it a little further. here is what I ended with.
.Now I went to work on the smaller of the jars which I usually keep make up things in. I found the most lovely images on The Graphics fairy,Take a look.I love the bathing beauty competition,they are so levely to look at
and finally....
This has to be my favourite...
I hope you like what I have done? Now I`m addicted so I`m on the look out for more glasswares.Muwahaha!

"Just Be You" layout

To be honest I had posted this layout this morning but the more I looked at it, the more I didnt like it.Sometimes, when scrapping I feel "stuck" and then when I`m finished, do not like the end product.Sometimes I move on thinking I`m being to picky.Sometimes I take it apart.This is one of those "sometimes".
I changed the background cardstock and added more things to please my eye. I try to spread my wings and do a different type of layout and chose to use scraps of paper, something I`m trying hard to do.I hand tore the hearts from My Mind`s Eye "laundry Line"and only used one photo.
Part of the reason I did this layout is to upload it to a Unity challenge,Unity Stamp Co is one of my favourite sites for stamps and I am part of their monthly stamp club, where I receive a kit once a month full of wonderful variety of stamps.Its a way to build up my stamp collection without a lot of cost.(The only thing I need now is method of storage,maybe another blog when I find one?)
Unity has begun a monthly challenge one per month for the whole year.This Month is HEARTS.
The second reason is I found a box of long,lost photo`s from `91 to `93 and this one is my son Liam,who is now almost 19. I had almost forgotten how extra cute he was when he was two years old.AWW Bless!He loved playing in cupboards and boxes and always,always had a smile. So I journaled this memory around the large heart to be different.I am much happier with this layout but still may need a little tweaking! Happy Scrapping.
Here is a sneak peak at what I am working on right now

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Black Swan

I rarely am blown away by a movie these days.Story is usually predictable and come away feeling like I`ve been ripped off.I wanted to write a little about The Black Swan. I was moved by it and freaked out by it and has left me thinking about it all day,so this is more to do with exorcising a demon or two.(JOking)It was unexpected and beautifully portrayed by Natalie Portman whom I always remember her in Star Wars.This is her moment, as was said to her charater. The story kept you watching and in parts grossed out and in others a little uncomfortable. The point is,I felt something. Whether it was sympathy,disgust or amazement,I felt some emotion. Every little girl wants to be a ballerini but this was the ugly side of it and yet it was so enchanting.I also have to say I loved seeing Winona Ryder as a washed up dancer,great job and worth a mention. I loved(as the little girl in me would ) all the clothes and tutu`s.End scene magnificent.Oscar worthy for sure and I would love to see Ms Portman get this on the 27th of February.Very well deserved.(Just my opinion)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow,snow and what`s in the forecast?More snow!

Since moving to Nova Scotia I have lived through some amazing weather systems but I have to admit this year I am having a difficult time functioning,even on a basic level. Going to work is some days impossible most days a slow crawl off this back road to civilization.So I thought I would share some photo`s of it,might even scrapbook it?(actually, not until the summer when all of this is a distant memory.)

Waking in the dark to a rather eerie scene of snow laden tree branches and that unmistakable sound of a fresh snowfall,complete silence.Not a sound,I know but anyone who has experienced this will nderstand what I mean?So as the light hits the sky we see...(The "bump" in the far right is our van.Hahaha)

.. this was taken early January and nothing has changed since.Its still the same and what is it doing today?SNOWING.Gotta laugh or I`ll cry.
The thing is,everyone keeps telling me,is to keep busy.I read my favourite blogs,www.happymeetsrosie.com,www.serendipitychicdesign.com and so on.I scrapbook and I have 2 books I can start but I so long for the colour green. Happy days my fabulous followers(all 4 of you!)I wonder how people "get" followers?lol

Monday, February 7, 2011

So as I said...

So as I said, New Month. I do have lots to do this month and all crafty. I have to start and complete a baby album for a co worker who is about to have her first baby in March.I dont want to be rushing or up late at night last thing, trying to get it done,so my plan,if it works, is to do a couple of pages 2 or 3 times a week.I want to post them as I go,which is ok because this co worker does`nt go on the computer.(WHAT!) so I`m safe posting.My dilema is to chose 12x12 or 8x8? I love both formats.I think it will depend on the scrapbook I buy.Which will hopefully be today.Another snowfall amount or 15 cms for tomorrow, a great day to scrap.
Valentines is just around the corner and need to get the boys their valentines gifts started and completed(see a trend here?)I`m not even sure what to do.My valentines to hubby may have to stay private!
So far album,valentines and I also have a circular cork board I want to alter for my room to pin all my ideas and inspirations to.Lets just see how far I get but you know once I publish this its a definate incentive to get it done so I dont look like the procrastinator that I am.

Don`t you just love this vintage image? I had to post it. My favourite site for images is www.thegraphicsfairy.com I love all things vintage.This is so sweet.

New Monday,New month.

I have`nt blogged for a while for a few reasons,firstly, had a whacked out snow storm which buried my dish for internet and then had to wait for the company to come and fix it by adding another 5 feet to the pole.The other reason, I`ve been down in the dumps mainly because of the weather(not a good winter person) and not having any inclination to do any scrapbooking or cards.Nothing.
So this morning rolls around the sun is shining and a nippy -9 with wind chill but by Nova Scotia standards not to bad. Its amazing how the sun (or lack of it) affects me.
Found some inspiration on two new blogs pointed to me by my ever steadfast friend,Jasmine.The first is one called Simply Me. http://donnadowney.typepad.com/ Its beautifully laid out, easy to find your way around the site and just my style ,I hope to read more and get more involved with giveaways and challenges.
The second is a kit stly blog specializing in card kits and layouts.Normally I dont find much of interest in kit sites I dont find a challenge and to be honest most are a little boring.Saying this I find Paisleys and polka dots charming. http://luv2createscraps.typepad.com/paisleysandpolkadots/ It has a fresh slant on the kit idea and introduces them with new papers and embellishements and even better no lengthy sign up and subscriptions. Today it has one of my favourite paper lines incoporated into a kit and mini album using Crate paper Restoration, a new line with lots of usage for my needs as a scrapbooker. Its pretty without being fussy and has an aged look that is so my style. So take a look at these to blogs and enjoy.Happy Monday.Happy Me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have been thinking over the weekend about the work I did Friday just gone. Most of my clients that day were women of a certain age,working Mum`s stay at home mum`s with teenagers,empty nesters,all walks of life and we all ended up having a similar discussion, which basically began with.."I`m not sure what to do with my hair,now I getting older?"or " I should`nt have longer hair because of my age."
SO here is my reply as a stylist and as a maturing Mum(I said I was maturing not that I am mature!) I will answer it with another question.WHO MADE UP THIS RIDICULOUS RULE YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CERTAIN MATRONLY LOOK WHEN YOU ARE OVER 40?
Someone, somewhere said if you have longer hair over 40 it is seen as "trying to capture your teens" WHAT!! This was probably said by some young 20 something who writes fashion articles who has no idea about what maturity is or styling said mature client. Also, when you reach the ever monumental 40 or 50 you have earned the right to wear what you like (hair included) that expresses who you are.If You like longer hair it should reflect personality and health and "here I am look at me now."Case in point, off the top of my head mature ladies who look fabulous with long hair and over 40+.Demi Moore,Meg Ryan,Sandra Bullock,Julianne Moore,Michelle Pfiffer, Nicole Kidman need I go on?Yes they have oodles of money to spend doing what they want a little nip and tuck whatever it takes to stay on top but my point is Any woman at any age can look stylish,beautiful and hair healthy if she has a great style and the right products for her hair type.
So next time I hear " I should`nt..." I will get on my stylist soapbox and say.Do not give the media or whom ever the power to say you shoud`nt and find your style and say "Oh Yes I can"