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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My world(scratch that),My Bathroom Just Got a Little Prettier!

Yes my bathroom just got a little prettier.Do you ever walk around a shop and see something you like but the price tag is a lot more than you want to fork out?I saw some pharmacy jars online for $45 and said to myself, "self you have plain glass jars at home like these ?Do something?"Enter plain glass jars....
The larger of the group found in a box and the others $1 dollar each at the local Dollarama.( I love that place for glass vases and such)

Then I thought and thought about the images I would like.The two larger ones were old fashioned and were screaming french vintage.The smaller of the two? I was`nt sure at all? So, I went on my favourite clip art site,"The Graphics Fairy" and search for ages for some images I like and the rest was a matter of using Mod Podge,ribbon and sentiments.Once the lager jars were done I lightly spray it with walnut ink to age it a little further. here is what I ended with.
.Now I went to work on the smaller of the jars which I usually keep make up things in. I found the most lovely images on The Graphics fairy,Take a look.I love the bathing beauty competition,they are so levely to look at
and finally....
This has to be my favourite...
I hope you like what I have done? Now I`m addicted so I`m on the look out for more glasswares.Muwahaha!


  1. Ahhh!!! I love those!! They are all fabulous, but I really, really love those first 2 with the vintage look to the paper...love some walnut ink!!

  2. I had so much fun doing these.I`m glad you like them.now I have to think about what`s next.

  3. Great project!!!!! Turned out wonderful!!! I wanted to let you know that I have awareded you with the Stylish Blogger Award...Your creations have inspired my own and I wanted to acknowledge you!! Stop by my blog: www.scrapbox00.blogspot.com and pick up the award! Thanks for all your sharing!