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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have been thinking over the weekend about the work I did Friday just gone. Most of my clients that day were women of a certain age,working Mum`s stay at home mum`s with teenagers,empty nesters,all walks of life and we all ended up having a similar discussion, which basically began with.."I`m not sure what to do with my hair,now I getting older?"or " I should`nt have longer hair because of my age."
SO here is my reply as a stylist and as a maturing Mum(I said I was maturing not that I am mature!) I will answer it with another question.WHO MADE UP THIS RIDICULOUS RULE YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CERTAIN MATRONLY LOOK WHEN YOU ARE OVER 40?
Someone, somewhere said if you have longer hair over 40 it is seen as "trying to capture your teens" WHAT!! This was probably said by some young 20 something who writes fashion articles who has no idea about what maturity is or styling said mature client. Also, when you reach the ever monumental 40 or 50 you have earned the right to wear what you like (hair included) that expresses who you are.If You like longer hair it should reflect personality and health and "here I am look at me now."Case in point, off the top of my head mature ladies who look fabulous with long hair and over 40+.Demi Moore,Meg Ryan,Sandra Bullock,Julianne Moore,Michelle Pfiffer, Nicole Kidman need I go on?Yes they have oodles of money to spend doing what they want a little nip and tuck whatever it takes to stay on top but my point is Any woman at any age can look stylish,beautiful and hair healthy if she has a great style and the right products for her hair type.
So next time I hear " I should`nt..." I will get on my stylist soapbox and say.Do not give the media or whom ever the power to say you shoud`nt and find your style and say "Oh Yes I can"

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