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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Black Swan

I rarely am blown away by a movie these days.Story is usually predictable and come away feeling like I`ve been ripped off.I wanted to write a little about The Black Swan. I was moved by it and freaked out by it and has left me thinking about it all day,so this is more to do with exorcising a demon or two.(JOking)It was unexpected and beautifully portrayed by Natalie Portman whom I always remember her in Star Wars.This is her moment, as was said to her charater. The story kept you watching and in parts grossed out and in others a little uncomfortable. The point is,I felt something. Whether it was sympathy,disgust or amazement,I felt some emotion. Every little girl wants to be a ballerini but this was the ugly side of it and yet it was so enchanting.I also have to say I loved seeing Winona Ryder as a washed up dancer,great job and worth a mention. I loved(as the little girl in me would ) all the clothes and tutu`s.End scene magnificent.Oscar worthy for sure and I would love to see Ms Portman get this on the 27th of February.Very well deserved.(Just my opinion)

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