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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

A lovely thing happened today,I got a nice suprise email from a fellow blogger Katie "The Scrapbox" that I had inspired her and also sent me a blogger award.The reason it made me smile is I have inspired someone and the other that this award is a pay it forward idea.Something I like to live by,a good thing passed on.I started my blog more as therapy really but have become aware of such a great community of like minded bloggers.So now to business.8 things about me that maybe is not new to some but I will try to think of orginal things?
1.I would walk to the end of the earth for my children,3 wonderful boys all individual and interesting people.
2.I sometimes wish I could win the lottery so I can help my family and friends and host one huge party and decorate it like an old fashioned street party like in the old days of England.
3.If I believed in reincarnation I would want to come back in the next life taller..Haha!
4.I adore Jane Austen and Bronte novels especially Jane Eyre and Persuasion
5.I love tomatoes.haha.My favourite sandwich is just tomato with a little salt.ER I know but hey we all have our failings.:)
6.I hate winter.Yes, hate is a strong word but I really could`nt find a stronger one.
7.I love my sisters heart and soul and wish I could get us altogether and enjoy a curry and a massive gigglefest.
8.My favourite downtime activity is a long soak in a bubble bath (preferably with Lush products),a scrapbook magazine and a cup of tea.
I could probably come up with 8 more but I`ll leave that to another post.
Now for 8 bloggers that I love to follow (Stalking at its best :) )
These are 8 I follow,my top 8 but I have other favourites in my blog list.Some of these are new bloggers ,like myself,and some are established.Either one for me are entertaining and inspiring.There are so many women out there and I admire them all. I will post the Award button aas soon as I figure it all out hahaha.Maybe nuber 8 is,I am so slow with computers.

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