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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I`ve been rejuvenated.

I have found this winter particulary hard,long cold days,very little exposure to the sun and snow,so much snow.I have tumbled into a seaonal depression like no other.I am aware of this and have search high and low on how to combat it,its a daily struggle and is by no means over but... a little ray of sunshine entered my life.Dramatic maybe.The truth definatly.
I love scrapbooking,I love art and on my bucket list earlier in January, I revealed I would like to take an art course.I had in mind my firstclass would be maybe sketching.I found SHE-ART GIRLS.If you have ever liked to decoupage,tole paint scrapbooking any multi media art, then this is the course for you.It is owned,organized and a woman of pure inspiration Christy Tomlinson.
I have entered into week one of the basic backgrounds,she Art Girls and what Christy likes to use for her art.It`s so much fun and to be honest have not felt thrilled about much lately.I have now completed my first canvas with massive imperfections but I love it for what it is. My second and third canvas are still in progress but when they are complete I will show them,debut them, here on my blog.Hopefully this weekend.The only getting in my way is the fact I have to go to work.Grr!Darned reality gets in the way somedays.This is why I havent blogged lately but just wanted to let you know what I "up to".Have a happy day.

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