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Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Birthdays, a Wedding and a bit of a nerd..

It`s been almost a week since my last blog and so much has happened.Firstly, my youngest and oldest boys had birthdays.My youngest officially a teen and my oldest officially drinking age? Oh My!

I had moments of thinking about them as young children and felt very sad for a fleeting moment. Very sad.Sounds nuts I know but I don`t feel like I should have a 19 year? I have awesome kids,they make me proud.My oldest,Liam,is flying off today to a sunny vacation with his girlfriend and this to is a first.Firsts with children don't always have to be their first step or first haircut but a steady string of events that move away from the parent to becoming independent.Their role changes and so does mine.One I am still figuring out but quite pleased with the job I have done so far.
The event of a century,not my kids birthday but the event... The Royal Wedding.

Yes,I was one of those who woke up early, 5a.m. to watch.Why would`nt I? It is an event of grandeur, tradition and national pride. I am English and a Royalist and darn proud of it. I love the Queen,I love the tradition, I love my country,I also love a good wedding.(My invite must of got lost in the mail!)
I got a sense of motherly pride when I saw Will and Harry leaving for the Abbey(and how stunning is the Westminster Abbey.)I was choked up by the crowds who probably spent all night waiting for a glimpse.Just a glimpse of our Royal family.
Then came Kate.Looking stunning.My first thought was how much she looked very "Grace Kelly" and that beautiful tiara.Which was given to the Queen on her 18th birthday by her mother.I thought it was all very tastefully done. Appropriate for the event and so very sweet.
My favourite bit(there are a few)was when Prince Harry looked for Kate and then leaned in to say something to his brother.Priceless.
So, they are wed....
...and at this point I had to go to work. The rest of my wedding viewing was late at night and surfing the web for every scrap of the day I could find.The world watched and the media coverage was intense but just to have one day where somewhere in the world something happy and worth celebrating was unfolding was a huge morale boost for the country and made my day a good one. At work I even decorated and it made for a talking point for everyone that came in.Quite a good day actually.
What can I say,I`m a bit of a nerd....
Got another post soon this time,my take on hair shows.

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