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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother`s Day.

Mother`s Day is meant to be a celebration of Motherhood.Women who have had a role towards another in a nurturing loving way.What is it to be a mother?To be honest I`m not sure.It changes over time as my children grow.It is all the usual "it" words.Teacher,nurse,provider,chief cook and bottle washer.All of it.It means to raise your children to be good and honest with others but more importantly to themselves.I love being a Mum.All the pain and joy, the double edged sword, you can`t have one without the other.It means a journey of self discovery because as my boys grow and change so do I.Its inevitable.It`s the change I struggle with but love at the same time.Again the pain and the joy. I have watched a TED talk by Brene Brown today about Vulnerability which helped me get through my day today. We have to love whole heartedly. Embrace it all in its beautiful imperfection.This I think is what it means to be a Mum.
To my own beautiful mother,I love you and to me as a mother .Yes.I am enough.
Happy Mothers Day. Be kind to each other.

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