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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sketch mania..

I have had a sick boy home today and although he cheered up a little in the afternoon we decided to "play" in my scrap room.I did a page for the UmWowStudio sketch mania(http://umwowstudio.blogspot.com/)and he played around making a tag. A quiet afternoon well spent.Its not often that you get to chat with your kids about nothing at all.He lost interest after one tag which is ok because his energy level was sluggish.So we sat and talked had lunch.

another shot
The photo was taken in the garden of the local pub at the end of a family reunion, everything just fell into "going down to the pub" It was rainy but didnt seem to dampen the spirits of most of us there, it was a decent day altogether. This next shot is Gavin`s tag he made he wanted to be "published " on my blog.Bless him.
...and a shot of my card from earlier and his tag. Not too shabby.

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  1. Yea, you made it over to Sketch Mania! Congrats, you'll be hooked on her sketches very quickly! I had intended on getting this one done already but got sidetracked making a pen/pencil holder, then realized that I have more pens/pencil than I remembered having so I'm having to do another to stack on the first - how embarrassing! I think I know what picture I want to use with the sketch so maybe I can play tonight while dh is at racquetball & the boys are doing school work - wish me luck on that! lol